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What alternativescan compare?

  • Up to 10% saving in mortar. Lower total construction cost!

  • Proven Strength, Durability and Standard Size. Quality construction!

  • No deforestation!

  • Lower Carbon and Particle Emissions. Cleaner Air!

  • Under 2% breakage rate. You get what you pay for!

  • 20% fewer bricks per sqr. metre(rattrap bond).Innovative techniques!




  • Quality Construction.

  • Lower Total Cost of Construction.

  • Ecofriendly, Sustainable Business Practices.

  • Peace of mind of dealing with a registered enterprise.

  • Eliminates unnecessary future maintenance.

  • Year round supply capability.





About Us


EcoBuild was born in June of 2011 while watching a house improvement show on TV, we noticed how the quality of finish in Malawian houses tends to fall short of international standards, and we learned that this was to a large degree due to the quality of our building materials.

Our Mission

Ecobuild aims to be the first carbon neutral manufacturer of red brick in Malawi. Today Ecobuild has the only Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln in the country, which uses 10% of the energy of the traditional, artisanal brick manufacturing methods, and once at scale the plan is to switch from coal to charred agricultural waste to eliminate the last 10% of emissions.


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Innovative building techniques

Due to the uniform shape and structural strength of Ecobuild bricks it is possible to utilize a building technique called the Rat-trap bond, with the Rat-trap bond walls use up to 20% less bricks and have better insulation properties.

Environmental benefits to Malawi

Below is the list of potential environmental benefits that would arise from Malawi switching to cleaner brick technologies:

  • CO2 reduction potential : 150,000 tonnes per year
  • Wood saving potential : 1.6 million tonnes per year
  • Forest saving potential : 100,000 hectares per year

Value Added Services


Please enquire on delivery prices for your order. We offer delivery at competitive prices.



Semi-Face Brick(SFB) Perforated

  • Standard Malawi Size(213x110x63mm).

  • 3 perforations under 20% of brick unit by mass


Semi-Face Brick(SFB)

  • Standard Malawi Size(213x110x63mm).

  • Frogged


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