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Malawi’s primary building material is red brick, 1.7 billion bricks are produced per year, mostly by artisans using firewood and inefficient kilns, an unsustainable practice in a country nearly deforested.


To save the remaining forests, the government of Malawi has passed legislation to phase out the use of wood in the brick industry by 2019. This is leading brick manufacturers to switch to coal, which saves the forests at the expense of air pollution.

ECOBUILD (A clean solution):

Ecobuild makes red bricks with a Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln, the state of the art in brick firing technology, an invention imported from India, developed to produce environmentally friendly bricks. This kiln uses 60% less fuel per brick. To make this truly green, as wood is phased out over the next three years, Ecobuild is switching to charred agricultural waste for fueling our kilns.


Kelton Bolokonya - Managing director – Kelton has over 15 years of experience in operations management (He was GM Technical at G4S Malawi) and holds a BEng. electronics from the University of Wales, Cardiff.

Mwayanjana Bolokonya

- Operations Manager - A young ambitious entrepreneur, he studied Information Systems and Business Management at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.


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